New Look

This is the new look… modeled after a street mural I once saw in the South Park section of Seattle. …Read the entire article!

React WordPress WP-REST

Elementarray is now making sites with JavaScript React!

Local SEO

Hello kids, today we run over the fundamentals of “Local SEO”, using WordPress to help us… Some of the topics …Read the entire article!


I had to put this under the category of “Maintenance”. It is titled “hosting” as it is an apropriate subject. …Read the entire article!

inkscape fundamentals

inkscape fundamentals three D button with eyes Fundamentals are everything, here you get it all, a simple button example will …Read the entire article!

pure javascript css navigation menu

Use this to build your skills and understanding of both horizontal and vertical navigation menus and how they operate. <!DOCTYPE><html …Read the entire article!

Bootstrap Navigation

WordPress Menu – Navigation Utilizing Bootstrap This is the start of what will be a long intensive treatment of using …Read the entire article!

Google Youtube Facebook Video Advertising

Elementarray is now partnering with local established videographers to produce quality video advertising for use on social media! Skilled and …Read the entire article!

Interactive UX design adding an SVG image fortified with AJAX to a WordPress post

Interactive UX design: adding an SVG image, fortified with AJAX, to a WordPress post We made a simple XML file …Read the entire article!

Inkscape SVG Button

This is a part of a mini series, I divided it because it straddles the realm of development in the …Read the entire article!