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Conent is King - The silicon throne, modeled after the iron throne of Game of Thrones


Content is King

“Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products – a marketplace of content.”

Last sentence in Content is King by Bill Gates

Ineffable: they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well then, a video must be worth a few thousand at least… Words should be succinct, when you need to describe something in 999 words or less… otherwise, use a picture or a video… as the Chinese proverb goes: “hearing something a hundred times isn’t better than seeing it once”. Leonardo da Vinci the quintessential Italian Renaissance man, claimed he would be “overcome by sleep and hunger before being able to describe with words what a painter is able to show in an instant”. Ivan Turgenev, not as good as Dostoyevsky, but don’t tell Nabokov that, said “the drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book”. Alan Watts, the American psychologist stated “One showing is worth a hundred sayings”.

So you get the picture, and if you do, there is one thousand more words floating arround that brain of yours (allegedly).

The point is that your content should not bore people with lengthy speeches. Microsoft claims you have an attention span of 8 seconds… search it, many jumped on that band wagon. I’m more with the people who say attention is evolving, meaning content needs to appropriately engage the audience in order to keep them engaged.

How is this done? Eye popping images and video’s with clever textual content forked out in appealing portions that taste good to the eye!

Ineffable images that provoke thinking, like seeing something most delicious, your medula oblongata starts to water… Your main course consists of images and videos. Whether your making infographics, animations, or intense camera shots.

Tempt your audience by spicing up the main course with the appropriate smattering of nouns and verbs, salt and pepper them with just enough adjectives. Don’t over do it, keep your audience fit and lean, hungry for more content!

? Does your content satisfy.
Are you serving quality food for thought…
Content you’ld be proud to serve to your most respected guests, only the best.

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