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Maintenance – Elementarray
Maintenance, an example, a chinese sweet plum cherry blossom bonsai pruning tree, meticulously maintained.


You’ve got to maintain

WordPress websites are our specialty, the reasons we recommend this particular CMS are many and can be found on the page concerning development. This being said, there are maintenance procedures that are condusive to proper operation as well as enhanced functioning, procedures which can improve the efficiency and performance of the site as a whole. Site speed has always been at the top of Google’s algorithm for top ranking pages in an “organic” search.

  1. Loading without errors
  2. Backups: if this is a WordPress site, there should be an entire copy of the wp-content folder as well as a backup of the SQL database that WordPress runs on. In addition to this there should also be backups of the wp-config file and or .htaccess file and any other configuration files that are crucial to the operation of your WordPress installation.
  3. Repair & Optimize the SQL database. Over time, the database retains lots of data that is not needed: revisions, orphaned post data, etcetera… and after time this will effect the speed and efficiency of accessing pertinent database table fields. All of this is maintainable. There are also configurations that can be made in the WordPress bootup file that can prevent or help maintain SQL as well as other operations that would benefit your site immensely. Log file operations for example which can help monitor security or program functioning for instance. There are many different configurations for a variety of WordPress functions.
  4. Make updates to website software and plugins if needed, but also, check to see if automatic backups are being performed this may or may not be preferable to the way in which the website runs according to particular instances.
  5. Do all forms have proper send/recipient information configured? Are they using “captcha”? Is that configured properly and free of errors, the code updated?
  6. Are pages and posts being spammed? Are the comments sections receiving inappropriate content?
  7. Are there are outdated links, broken links, links that should/could be redirected for SEO “link equity”? Any 404 “not found” errors?
  8. Could files be optimized for performance? Scripts compressed and or combined? Images and Video made more efficient for transportation? Complete overhaul of the strategy involved in presentation to the end user’s browser perhaps? “Lazy loading” of resources just to through out a fancy phrase: It means downloading the content as needed so the rest of the page can load quickly.
  9. How are we looking in the google console? Are we even plugged in? Do we need an overhaul in the area of SEO, are small tweaks in keywords. Are the links being properly followed do we have our meta tags, sitemaps, and robots directives configured properly?
  10. Do we even know how we look on a mobile device, and if it’s not good, can we fix this?
  11. What about our hosting? Our SLA’s? Is our domain name and hosting service coming up for renewal? How about our encryption certificate? What other services that are on a subscription basis are we monitoring and need to be attended to?

Preemptive maintenance is wise for keeping a healthy system functioning. Reviewing log files is a classic tool, but did you know that often times log files are not even configured? It’s as if your website was crying for help and there was no one listening… but we are! We will make your website feel special.

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