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Hosting – Elementarray


I had to put this under the category of “Maintenance”. It is titled “hosting” as it is an apropriate subject. I had added an aditional domain to my hosting, and purchased a separate SSL certificate for it. I would (and ended up having to do so) have installed it myself but Godaddy offered to. When I went back the next morning, it was not installed, not only that but the root folder of my primary domain was missing. Apon inquiry with Godaddy they said they had a backup of my root domain. They told me I had to pay hundreds of dollars for it. I said no, I’ll fiz it myself and proceeded to reinstall, reconfigure, and work with a backup of my theme (and plugins folder) that I had. I still have yet to reupload images (I back up all my images) but I am busy and this is my site, so I put my clients before myself, and I hope you will forgive how the site looks at the moment as it is missing items (mostly graphics). Thank you.


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