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Marketing – Elementarray
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Attracting the right customer

How do we make purchasing decisions? These days, they often begin online. If you’ve managed to get your 24-7 store front and virtual sales force up and online, you’re on the right track to tapping into that huge pool of surfers looking for information, direction, products and services.

The fundamentals of marketing remain relatively the same, the channels have adjusted: they’re digital, they’re online, through social media, and messaging applications. Content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing have become three of the heavy weights of the digital marketing arena.

Provide a quality product and or service, and get the information to people, not only that, but keep them interested, informed, and in the loop with up to date, relevant and engaging content.

Over 2.5 billion Facebook users globally, 65 million Twitter users just in the U.S., and 4 billion email users! That’s just a quick glance on a couple of social media markets and one method of digital messaging (email is very strong). Email is one of the best platforms if not the best to continuously engage and hold on to an audience. It is the preferred method of communication between consumer and business…

The final link in the chain is being there when the search is conducted… How do you make this happen? Optimizing your pages and your content so people find your message, your product or service when they go out looking for it! How do you navigate the sea of competition that cast their nets in the same waters? How do you even get in the boat???

With email marketing, organic search engine results that are earned, not paid, traffic from search engine results that are the result of paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid search platform, by referrals – through a site other than a major search engine, and of course, social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etcetera… and others. That is a holistic view of digital marketing, what happens in between is our specialty.

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