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Google My Business – Elementarray
"Google My Business" after synchronizing citations from business url and google local profile

Google My Business

Google My Business


Local SEO


Building Local Authority

First you have to begin the process of validating the business on “Google My Business”. Create a business profile, and wait for them to send you a post card, yes, a post card to the physical location which will aid them in validating the location of the business. Read ahead about the “citation” to save yourself some time and frustration over editing business data…

The citation. This is the “object” of data that needs to be consistant across entities, like “Google My Business”, but also entities such as “Facebook”, “Yelp”, “Foursquare”, etcetera. first and foremost this data needs to be identicle on your website. If your data is different from one to the other, ie: “My Biz 99 Main st,” on one, and “Mybiz 99 Main Street,” on another, sync them up, right down to the trailing forward slash, make a choice! Choose one format and go with it… keep form across all entities.

So what happened? After synchronizing my website information (I used a json-ld schema script) and keeping it consistent with the data I have in the Google Local Search Console (“Google My Business”), guess what? I ranked 5th using my business name in a general Google search, and I finally appeared on the local Google search map!


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