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Local SEO – Elementarray

Local SEO

Hello kids, today we run over the fundamentals of “Local SEO”, using WordPress to help us…

Some of the topics covered in this article may apply to a larger scope than locally, and many of the methods can be applied to other areas of SEO and digital marketing.

We will holistically( nobody buys the milk if you get the cow for free 😉 ) cover the following:

    the list items [2-8] correspond to the pagination below, while this page is being built… if the list item is green there is content at that page 🙂 albeit possibly partial content… as I keep working on it…

  • this page… this TOC
  • Setting up Goole My Business, getting appropriate google credentials, and using Google Analytics & Search console
  • Programmatically adding json-ld schematic markup
  • Programmatically adding Meta Descriptions so we show up nicely in SERPs
  • On Page SEO like Page Titles, URLs, H1/H2 tags, and Img tag alt attributes …er ah programmatically…
  • Programmatically adding json-ld schematic markup in the form of “breadcrumbs”
  • Indexing/Crawling commands (rel=”follow, index”) and other combinations
  • Optimization, speed, performance and mobile considerations
    • scaled images
    • defer javascript parsing

Yes, this is alot, yes there is a million and one more things to be said about each item… as I said we look at this “holistically”, gaining an understanding of the machinery that has to be put into place before we can start to expect big things.

Stay tuned, as you can see by the date below this is a fresh post. There is much much more to be added here… code samples… screenshots… actual data analysis to illustrate our work. So for now, do yourselves a favor (and me 🙂 ) and join the mailing list so can receive notification to when the content here has been updated. I’m constantly be asked about local SEO and it is somewhat of a complicated animal as far as implementation of all the moving parts.

See you arround! And show some love! Click the heart!


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